Endodontic Solutions Online with Dr. Gary Glassman

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We welcome you to take our interactive, in-depth eLearning on Endodontic Solutions with Dr. Gary Glassman

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CE Credits: 9.5

Delivery Method: eLearning

AGD Subject Code: 070

Cost: Free

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Seminar Topic: Endodontic Solutions Online

Speakers: Dr. Gary Glassman

Course Description:

This video-based eLearning course addresses breakthrough concepts and details the skills necessary for acquiring the expertise and confidence to perform the highest quality endodontics. You will become familiar with the use of the “apex last” approach to canal shaping with nickel-titanium instrumentation using the WaveOne Gold Reciprocating NiTi System.

Audience: Dentists & Dental Assistants

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Describe endodontic breakthroughs and concepts allowing the enjoyment of successful endodontic treatment to last a Lifetime
  • Assess the criteria for a successful endodontic procedure
  • Perform a systematic diagnostic protocol and treatment plan
  • Provide emergency endodontic care
  • Access for success – locating the MB2 canal
  • Accurately locate the apical terminus and troubleshooting tips for apex locators
  • Provide predictable glide paths using the efficient SXTM Orifice Opener and WaveOne Gold GliderTM
  • Shape the root canal space using WaveOneTM Gold Reciprocating NiTi Systems in a safe and efficient manner
  • Remove the smear layer and biofilm using state of the art irrigation protocols
  • Obturate the root canal system in 3-D utilizing the Continuous Wave of CondensationTM and Gutta CoreTM thermosoftened carriers

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